This Facebook group helps remote workers find new jobs

Remote working is a reality for millions of people worldwide. Jobs in technology, customer support, marketing, and other industries are rapidly moving to a distributed working style, giving workers more freedom than ever. In fact, we're a remote team here at Social Report!

Unfortunately, however, it's still tough to find remote jobs on traditional job boards. There is, however, a number of specialized job boards aimed at helping digital nomads and remote workers new gigs. One of the best is Workew.

The brand supplements its job board with a branded Facebook group appropriately named Remote Work & Jobs for Digital Nomads. This group helps remote workers find new careers by linking to new opportunities and answering questions for those new to remote work.

This group has quickly grown to nearly 50,000 members and has answered hundreds of questions and had its hand in placing many remote workers. In this article, we'll show you what makes the Remote Work & Jobs for Digital Nomads group so popular. Use these tactics to make a branded Facebook group for your brand.

Open place for questions

The board is a place for remote workers to ask questions.

Remote Work & Jobs for Digital Nomads is more than just a job board. It serves as a question and advice board for those looking for new jobs or people looking to get into the remote working world.

Questions range from the best cities to remote work in to calls for suggestions on what types of jobs to apply for. Like with job postings, comments are moderated so all discussion is civil and full of great advice for people seeking help. Further, questions not related to remote working are banned from the group.

Open your brand's Facebook group to questions about your industry too. This will increase your engagement numbers and shows that your brand is committed to helping others in your industry. 

Rules around job posts

The group's admins make it very clear that all job postings are moderated before being approved in the group. This makes sure that no scams or illegitimate job post make it into the group, so remote workers can breathe easy knowing that any job posting has been fully vetted.

This sense of legitimacy is one of the reasons that Remote Work & Jobs for Digital Nomads has grown so rapidly. The biggest fear of any remote worker or freelancer is taking on a client that doesn't pay, and since Remote Work & Jobs for Digital Nomads takes that our of the equation, people can rest easy in the group.

Make sure that your moderation team is vetting all content posted to your group. Nothing is worse for your brand's reputation than hosting a scammer.

Admins share relevant content

Moderators share relevant information with the group 

The Remote Work & Jobs for Digital Nomads admins frequently post articles related to remote working and being a digital nomad. This is great because it keeps group members up-to-date on happenings in remote working. Even better, it gives members a platform to discuss current remote working events.

Social Report makes posting third-party content to Facebook groups easy. Using our Content Syndication feature, you can automatically re-post relevant articles to your social channels. And don't fret: you can filter content and set daily post limits too!

Branded just the right amount

 The Facebook group is branded just the right amount

At the end of the day, Remote Work & Jobs for Digital Nomads is a branded group powered by Workew. The group tastefully brands itself using the Group By box and by listing links to its services in the pinned post at the top of the page.

What you wont find in Workew's group, however, is overly branded posts about its product. Follow these their lead and only post about your products from time to time. Posting too much will bombard your users and take away from the point of the group: to provide helpful information to your industry. 

Bottom line

All in all, we're huge fans of the Remote Work & Jobs for Digital Nomads Facebook group. It provides great information on remote working and helps those new to the lifestyle build their career and find new positions.

Use what the Remote Work & Jobs for Digital Nomads group does right to grow your own branded Facebook group. Tweet us your Facebook group and we may feature it on the next Groups Spotlight!

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