This is why your Twitter follower count dropped

Did you lose a ton of Twitter followers this month? You’re not alone.

This month, Twitter began the process of locking fake or "problematic" accounts. The social media giant boasted that it's axing more than a million accounts per day in its quest for a cleaner Twitter.

Twitter is removed locked accounts from follower counts. Twitter locks accounts when they have a surge of engagement in a short period of time. When an account is locked, Twitter confirms with the account owner that they're still in control of it before unlocking the account.

This summer cleaning is having a big impact on Twitter follower counts. Some accounts have reportedly lost over 70% of their followers, though numbers this high seem to be a rare example. Losses of 2-10% are more common.

Twitter giants like Ashton Kutcher, Barack Obama, and others are not immune to follower losses either. Here are some brands and influencers that lost huge amounts of followers during this month's purge:

Barack Obama: -2.32 million (-2.3%)

Justin Bieber: -2.6 million (-2.5%)

Twitter: -10.78 million (-12.3%)

YouTube: -1.97 million (-2.8%)

Kathy Ireland: -211K (-77%)

Kim Kardashian: -1.75 million (-3%)

Ashton Kutcher: -1.08 million (-6%)

Why did I lose so many Twitter followers?

Chances are, if your account lost only a small number of followers, then there were bots following your Twitter accounts. This is likely a coincidence; bots need to look legit, so they may randomly follow legit Twitter accounts.

On the other hand—if you lost a huge number of followers—there’s a good chance your Twitter is being followed by paid followers. These are fake accounts purchased to pad follower counts, and are sometimes purchased by agencies when they need to pad engagement numbers.

Paid followers are not your friend

Paid followers provide no real engagement with your Tweet and are painfully easy to spot. So not only are they a waste of money, but they make your brand look bad too.

To prevent future losses, do not buy paid followers. If you outsource your social media, make sure your social media agency isn't buying your followers to pad growth numbers either. We strongly suggest finding a new agency if you find they're praticipating in this pracrice.

Instead, focus on creating high-quality content and utilizing paid engagement (Twitter ads, etc). This will help you gain real followers that will engage with your content and possibly buy your products or services.

What do you think?

Tweet us what you think about Twitter’s bot purge. Will this help Twitter get back on the right track and increase new user growth?

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