Finding topics to post on social media

One of the hardest parts of being a social media manager is coming up with topics to post about on a daily basis. Chances are, your company doesn't have major announcements every day, so you need to either create your own evergreen blog posts or find stellar third-party content to repost. 

Luckily, this doesn't have to be a daunting task. In this article, we'll show you 4 ways you to find topics to post about on your blog and social media accounts. These tools will speed up your content curation and creation processes and help you publish better and more engaging posts.

Use Social Report's Content Syndication and Search Agents features

Use Social Report to find awesome blog ideas

Social Report has two key features for finding social media content and blog topics: Content Syndication and Search Agents.

Content Syndication is a great way to automate publishing of third-party content to your social channels. Using the feature, you can import your RSS feeds for your favorite blogs and their latest articles fill open slots on your content schedule.

Don't worry: we wont post everything the blog publishes to your social calendar. You can give Social Report keywords to look, keywords to exclude, and other various parameters. Even cooler, you can add text before and after the article title and link and brand it with our Link Frames feature.

On the other hand, bloggers will appreciate our Search Agents feature. This feature lets you create ongoing searches for keywords of your choice. For example, social media agencies may search for "social media", "social marketing", "B2B", and other related terms.

Once your search has had some time to initialize, you can view all of the search results related to your terms. Now, you can see what people are saying about your industry across Twitter, Instagram, and other social networks. Look through a handful of statuses and pull article ideas from them.

Bonus points if you find a reoccurring industry question about and write an article that answers it. Then, respond to people Tweeting the question with a link to your piece. You'll make their day and get some clicks.

Give Buzzsumo a shot

Use Buzzsomo to find blog article ideas

Buzzsumo is a web service that searches blogs and online publications for new and engaging content. You can search for an industry term on its website, and you'll be greeted with a list of existing blog posts and web content. All blog posts have accompanying social media stats like Facebook shares, Reddit engagements, and the number of likes.

Search for your industry on Buzzsumo and take note of the most shared content. You can either share the existing piece or write a new article on a similar topic. And since the topic is already popular, chances are your blog post will do well too.

Browse Reddit

Use Reddit to find social media topics

Reddit isn't just a place to find memes: it's an even better place to find blog topics.

Find sub-Reddits related to your industry and browse them regularly. Keep tabs on what articles Redditors are posting, questions they're asking, and suggestions they're making. Then, pull new blog topics out of their discussions. Write a post up on the topic and share it to all industry sub-  Reddits. 

Article topics AND more engagement? Nice.

Check out your competitor's blogs and social media

Check out your competitor's blog for new article topics

There's no shame in reading your competitor's blog and following them on social media. Take note of what they're posting and consider writing similar content for your channels. Obviously you shouldn't copy them word-for-word, but rather find topics they've covered that you can expand or improve upon.

Talk to your colleagues

Talk with friends and colleagues to find new blog topics

Let's take the internet out of the equation for a second.

If you're really in an article slump, grab drinks with your coworkers and ask them for article ideas. Chances are they read about your industry just as much as you do and have blog article ideas ready to share.

Make it a weekly affair if all goes well. After all, what better way to end the work week than a productive Friday night happy hour with your co-workers? 

Now, get posting!

And there you have it: five easy ways to get new social media content and blog ideas. Bookmark this page and come back to it next time you're stuck finding social media content. Future you will thank you!

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