This Facebook group helps marketers improve their skills

Digital marketing is a unique field. Everything is an experiment, and different methods work for different brands and different social networks. Naturally, this leads to lots of questions and trial and error amongst marketers. 

The Digital Marketing Question & Answers Facebook group understands this, and has created a place for marketers to ask their burning marketing questions and discuss different digital marketing methods and strategies.

The group has grown to over 40,000 members since its inception, making it one of the largest marketing groups on Facebook. In this article, we'll show you what Digital Marketing Question & Answers does right to stay Facebook's premier digital marketing group.

The group is an open place for marketing questions


At its core, Digital Marketing Question & Answers is a Q&A group for digital marketers.

Each day, hundreds of questions are posted to the group, and hundreds of answers are answered and opinions are shared in the comments. These questions range from discussions on how to write good blog content to questions on how to best target Facebook ads.

The informal question and answer format makes the group the first place many marketers go when they have a question. This is unique because groups with a more traditional discussion-style format tend to confine question and answers to one weekly thread. This limits the amount of detail one can add to their question post, which can lead to less engagement.

The question and answer format may be right for your group too. We recommend it to groups that are focused on a specific industry or profession as a whole instead of a specific niche.

Even better, this format is easy to brand—just add a "powered by [your brand name]" or "with [your brand name]" to the end of the group's title. We could make a group called "Digital Marketing Questions with Social Report" for content marketers.

Branded just the right amount


Digital Marketing Question & Answers is a branded group powered by social media guru Sorav Jain. He uses the group to market his marketing courses and resource pages, and Jain's branded the group to show that.

Jain tastefully branded the group in three ways: using the Group By box, adding an awesome cover photo for one of his events, and occasionally posting links to his marketing events on the page.

What you wont find in Jain's group is overly branded posts or constant links to his services. In fact, those are thew only three places where you'll find links to Jain's courses and events.

Follow Jain's lead and only post about your products from time to time. Posting too much will bombard your users and take away from the point of the group: to provide helpful information to your industry. 

Jain is the face of the group

The admin is the face of the group

The group's admin frequently posts his own insights and, occasionally, other fun content. This keeps the group fresh and gives readers daily tidbits of valuable information. It also makes Jain the "face" of the group, improving his own brand and the group's credibility.

Make sure that you're active on your Facebook group too. Add insight where you can, and don't be afraid to have a little fun. In turn, this creates a content marketing effect for your group: you're providing valuable and fun content for free now to generate sales later.  

Now, start your own group

Digital Marketing Questions & Answers is a great resource for social media managers and digital marketers. Keep what the group does right in mind when creating your Facebook group, and you'll grow your audience in no time.

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