Facebook stops scheduling to personal profiles

This week, Facebook rolled out a series of API changes that killed posting to personal Facebook profiles from third-party scheduling apps. This has killed scheduling posts to personal profiles from third-party apps (including Social Report) overnight.

Thankfully this change does not affect scheduling to Facebook pages or groups. However, those using Social Report to schedule content to groups must re-authenticate Social Report and other third-party apps to avoid service disruption.

Scheduling apps aren't the only ones affected by this change either. Twitter released a statement on how Twitter cross-posting to Facebook was killed by this change too. See the company's Tweet-sized press release above.

This isn't necessarily a bad change

Again, this change only affects personal profiles—pages and groups are not affected.

Facebook likely made this change because of its involvement in the recent Cambridge Analytica scandal. The social media giant is making a very clear statement that it won't let anyone touch its private customer from here on out.

This isn't the first time we've seen Facebook do this. For example, Instagram—which is wholly owned by Facebook—has never allowed direct scheduling to personal profiles from third-party apps.

Further, LinkedIn made a similar change months ago, too; you can only schedule LinkedIn content to business profiles. The network removed the ability to schedule to personal accounts months ago.

Using Facebook groups and pages with Social Report

As of today, nothing changes with Social Report and Facebook pages or groups in terms of features either.

You're still able to schedule posts, upload photos and video, reply to comments, share your favorite gifs, and more. In fact, we have the most complete Facebook publishing feature set of all social media management apps.

Read more about Social Report's Facebook integration.

Bottom line

We see Facebook's decision to end third-party posting to personal profiles as the start of an industry-wide trend.

After all, with heightened concerns about privacy, social networks don't want to risk consumer data with third-parties.

We're confident that this change will never affect business profiles. These are of much lesser risk to Facebook in terms of privacy, and millions of companies rely on scheduling apps like Social Report on a daily basis.

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