Tired of working from home? Try going somewhere else.

We're a remote team here at Social Report. And as much as we love the freedom to work from home, we often find ourselves growing bored of our desks and home offices. And as much as we hate to admit it, this can take a toll on our productivity.

With that in mind, remote workers should make an effort to get out of their house and work from somewhere else. Here's nine places the Social Report team works when we need an extra boost of inspiration.

Different co-working spaces 

Co-working spaces are great, they can give you the same mental fatigue as a home office if you're in the same space every day.

Instead, use a service like Croissant or Spacious that lets you visit multiple co-working spaces with your plan. Checking out a few of these well-designed spaces is bound to jumpstart your creativity.

Cafes and pubs 

Yeah, you expected this one.

But hear us out. Working from cafes and pubs is proven to have a mentally stimulating effect. And if you live in a big city, you can switch up your cafe choice daily for a new and inspiring atmosphere.

Take a working holiday

If your home city is getting you down, take the next flight out.

Since you have the freedom to work from anywhere, try working in a new city for a few days (or weeks, or months). You'll have the inspiration of being somewhere new and can tap into a new network by attending professional events. 

Hotel lobbies

Hotel lobbies are a team favorite at Social Report. Find a local hotel with a lobby coffee shop, and set up base for a few hours. We love hotels because of their modern furnishings and the energy of travelers on their way in and out of town.

Your old college campus

Miss your university? If your college is open to visitors, go back and relive late night study sessions in the commons. 

Bookstores and libraries

Like cafes, many bookstores and libraries offer free wi-fi, power outlets, and may even sell coffee. Swing by your local library or bookstore if you're inspired by quiet spaces with minimal distractions.

The local park

Break out your mobile hotspot and head to the local park on a nice day. Get inspiration for that next bit of marketing copy from fresh air and the sound of birds chirping.


Nothing beats a roof top in a big city. Whether it's the top of your apartment building or a rooftop restaurant, you're sure to be inspired be inspired by stunning views of the city center.

Train stations and airports

Here's a controversial one: work at your local train station or airport.

Sure, some readers may hate the airport. But hear us out: it's hard to beat the energy of people catching plane and train connections. Bonus points if you have a lounge membership so you can enjoy free espresso while you write blog posts before your next working holiday.

Just don't miss your flight!

Where do you work best?

We're always looking for new places to work and be inspired. Have a favorite we didn't cover on this list? Let us know—we'll have to check it out for ourselves! 

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