Payette Forward is one of the web's leading iOS resource sites. The website has a content library full of helpful tips, tricks, and how-to articles that attracts thousands of readers each day.

But sometimes an article isn't enough. iPhones are complicated devices, and lots of things can go wrong. With that in mind, Payette Forward created a Facebook group as a question and answer page for over 6,000 iPhone users worldwide.

The group not only helps iPhone users, but it drives traffic to the Payette Forward blog. In this article, we'll show you what Payette Forward does right to grow its group's audience and drive traffic to its blog.

Let's get started!

Admins answer iOS questions for free

Payette Forward answers your iOS questions

Phone Help & Support by Payette Forward is—simply put—a question and answer group.

iPhone and iPad users can sign-in and get answers to even the toughest iPhone and iPad questions without making a trip to the Apple Store. Questions are usually answered by credible Payette Forward staff, but group members frequently chime in as well.

Oftentimes, admins will share links to relevant articles that solve a user's iOS problem. This drives traffic to the site and saves time for the admins—what group admin doesn't love that?!

Open your brand's Facebook group to questions too. This will increase your engagement numbers and show that your brand is committed to helping others in your industry. Bonus points if your admins are the people answering questions.

Even better, this format is easy to brand—just add a "powered by [your brand name]" or "with [your brand name]" to the end of the group's title. For example, we could make a group called "Content Marketing Questions with Social Report" for content marketers.

The About box shows the page's credentials  

The About This Group box flaunts the group's credibility

Payette Forward is run by ex-Apple employee David Payette. He has some serious credentials in the iOS space, and (rightfully) flaunts them in the About This Group section of the group. In this box you'll see a note on his experience at Apple, his website successes, and a blurb on how the site recently overgrew its hosted forum.

This shows that David and his team are credible sources of iOS information. Make sure your group puts its credentials in the About This Group section too. This builds credibility, and if  why would anyone feel comfortable asking questions?

The group is properly branded

The group is branded just the right amount 

iPhone Help & Support is tastefully branded by Payette Forward in three ways: using the Group By box, adding an awesome cover, and occasionally commenting links to their blog posts on the page in response to a question.

What you won't find in the Payette Forward group is overly branded posts or constant links to their articles. In fact, those are the only three places where you'll find links to the Payette Forward site.

Follow Payette Forward's lead and only post about your products from time to time. Posting too much will bombard your users and take away from the point of the group: to provide helpful information to your industry. 

Now, make a group for your products or service

iPhone Help & Support by Payette Forward is a great resource anyone with a broken iPhone. Follow the group's lead and provide helpful information and insight, and you'll grow your audience in no time.

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