Growthhacking 2018

Finding a viable growth hack is every social media marketer's dream. 

After all, what's better than getting new followers and more business without spending a dime?

Unfortunately, however, social media is moving away from growth hacks. Like we wrote earlier this month: paid advertising is king and you must embrace it in 2018.

Thankfully, there are still a few viable growth hacks that your company can use to snag extra followers. Just don't rely on them for all of your growth. 

In this article, we'll show you 4 growth hacks that still work in 2018. Next to each hack we'll note what social network or web platform the hack works with.

Following new people to create connections (Twitter, Instagram)

Here's an easy one: follow new people on Twitter and Instagram!

When people see a new follow, there's a good chance are they'll check out your profile and follow you back. Bonus points if you reach out to new followers via DM and give them insight about your product.

This simple growth hack takes just a few minutes a day to complete. Alternatively, you can use tools like SocialDrift to automate the process for you!

Answer questions on Quora (Blogs)


OK, we admit it: the Social Report team is addicted to Quora. And thankfully, we've found a way to turn our Quora addiction into a profitable growth hack.

In short: Quora is a high-quality Yahoo! Answers. People ask questions and receive answers from thousands of people across the globe. Unlike Yahoo, however, the answers are generally thoughtful and moderated by the community.

The Quora growth hack is simple: head over to Quora and find a question related to your industry. Then, write a thoughtful answer and link back to your company's blog to back up facts or expand on insights.

Make sure your answer is the most high quality and in-depth, and you'll easily rise to the top answer spot. This will provide traffic to your site and—in turn—more leads and sales.

Brand third-party content with link frames (All networks)

Creating original content is a hard and time consuming process. If you need a break from writing blog posts, use Social Report's Content Syndication feature to find new content and Link Framing feature to brand it.

In short: Content Syndication will listen to an RSS feed for you. You can tell Social Report to search for a specific set of keywords and even exclude keywords. When our system finds a fitting article, it will automatically add it to your posting schedule.

But why share third-party content?

Link Frames lets you brand third-party content that you Tweet and share. This feature adds a banner to the top and bottom of your shares. This banner includes your company's logo and a call to action button, so you can capture new leads from all of the content your brand shares.

Automatically like new reviews (Facebook)

Get a lot of Facebook reviews? Use this to your advantage!

Like all positive reviews on your Facebook page. This simple interaction shows your audience that you care about their business and makes them more likely to follow your business' page.

Even better? You can automate this task with Social Report! Our "Like Review" Facebook automation will automatically like new reviews that meet a minimum rating of your choice. We recommend liking all 4 and 5 star reviews.

Keep on hackin'!

And there you have it: 4 awesome growth hacks that work in 2018. Use these hacks to grow your business and gain new followers on social media. Have a favorite growth hack? Tell us on Twitter! 

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