End the summer right with an awesome Labor Day social media marketing campaign

It's that time of year again: Labor Day. And with that, the summer is coming to a close and Americans are spending their last summer holiday traveling, grilling, and making one last trip to the local pool.

Of course, Americans are spending money to make their last summer fling happen too. There's lots of opportunity for your retail or travel brand to make a few extra bucks this holiday, and all you need to do is properly market your Labor Day sales and promos.

In this article, we'll take a look at where Americans are spending money over the Labor Day holiday and give you a few tips on how to make a Labor Day marketing campaign for your brand. Let's get started!

So, where's the money?

Americans spend a lot of money during the Labor Day long-weekend. 57% of Americans planned to make Labor Day purchases over the 2017 Labor Day weekend, and with a stronger economy in 2018, we expect that number to be even higher this year.

Offers.com notes that American families spent an average of $150 on Labor Day purchases last year. The most popular purchases? School supplies, clothes, and electronics. These purchases were made at a mix of online, big-box, and small retailers.

Americans are traveling on Labor Day too. In 2015, 35.5 million Americans were expected to travel more than 50 miles for their travel plans, spending an estimated $35.5 million dollars. The L.A. Times notes that this breaks down to roughly $380 in travel spend per traveling American

Creating an awesome Labor Day marketing campaign

Since Americans spend money all across the board on Labor Day, any company in the retail or travel space can snag a piece of the Labor Day pie. All you need is a solid Labor Day marketing campaign that differentiates your company and gets your products in front of the right eyes.

Here's five tips for creating a killer Labor Day social media campaign.

Focus on the long weekend

Wish your following a happy three-day weekend this Labor Day. This works especially well for restaurants and hotels; encourage your readers to relax and let you do the cooking and cleaning. Don't forget to remind your audience that they deserve it too!

Go ahead, be patriotic

Labor Day is as American as apple pie, so don't be afraid to be patriotic in your marketing campaign. Promote your Labor Day promos using American flag inspired banners, emojis, and gifs. 

Don't say goodbye to summer; welcome fall instead

Let's face it: Labor Day means that the summer's over and school is back in session. But instead of sending off the warm weather and barbeques, welcome the fall. This keeps your ads positive and gives your followers something to look forward to without inducing post-summer depression.

Say hello to the football season

Labor Day marks the beginning of America's favorite autumn pastime: football. Consider running a football themed promo for your brand and ring in the 2018 football season.

Encourage your followers to light up the grill

Nothing says "Labor Day" more than a family cookout. Restaurants and grocery stores can take advantage of the grilling craze by sharing recipes or promoting carryout picnic baskets.

How will your brand market this Labor Day?

And there you have it: tips for making a successful Labor Day marketing campaign. Put these tips into practice and drive more sales during the holiday weekend. Already have a Labor Day marketing campaign in place? Tweet us—we'd love to see it!

Are you a social media marketer? Use Social Report to manage your Labor Day marketing. 

Use Social Report to manage your Labor Day marketing campaign