Group Spotlight

Marketing is arguably the most important part of any new company. After all, any product will fail if it isn't in front of the right of the right audience.

But when you're first starting out, chances are you don't have the budget to hire a marketing team. And that's where Facebook group Marketing Systems for Entrepreneurs comes into play.

This Facebook group is one of the premier Facebook groups for entrepreneurs that want to learn how to better market their new companies using sales funnels. The group has quickly grown to over 14,000 members and is adding new entrepreneurs daily.

We'll show you what Marketing Systems for Entrepreneurs does right in this article. Take these rights and use them to better your brand's Facebook group to attract more members and engagement.

The admin is the face of the group

The admin is the face of the Facebook group

Phillip Gillins—the founder and admin of the Marketing Systems for Entrepreneurs—is the face of the group. He's constantly posting his own insights on marketing to the page, and even dives into his personal life from to time. This makes Gillins seem like a "real" person instead of a faceless entrepreneur, giving the group more engagement and a more lighthearted feel. We love it.

If you're a solopreneur, you should experiment with putting your personality into your Facebook group. This will improve your personal brand and make people want to work with you and read your insights. In other words: it's like reading messages from a friend instead of a corporation.

A set posting schedule

Marketing Systems for Entrepreneurs follows a posting schedule. So each day, different types of content is posted to the page. For example, Thursdays is devoted to chatbots and Friday is dedicated to shameless self-promotion. The schedule can be viewed in the group's main announcement post that's pinned to the top of the group.

Having a set posting schedule is a good idea for any Facebook group. This clears up confusion on what can and cannot be posted in a group, and gives your group members something to look forward to. Consider making a set day for questions and a set day for promotion to keep your group organized.

Video is front and center

Live video takes center stage on this Facebook group 

Gillins frequently uses Facebook Live video to teach marketing lessons and otherwise talk about the niche. These live videos are later posted to the group as videos too, so all group members have a chance to tune in on the lesson.

It's a good idea to use Facebook Live video in your group—especially if it's an informational group. This gives your group members a reason to log on at a certain time to interact with the stream. Additionally, since you can post your live videos for later viewing, they act as an awesome way to make easy (and engaging) video content for your page.

Group members are encouraged to celebrate successes

Group members are encouraged to share their marketing successes in the Marketing Systems for Entrepreneurs page. Members often share success stories of using marketing systems to acquire new clients, grow their businesses, and otherwise change the course of their startup.

Let's be real: everyone loves a good #HumbleBrag. It inspires others in the group and creates a community of people that are comfortable in sharing their good news. This leads to a more lighthearted group vibe and in turn gives more engagement.

Frequent posts on industry news

Frequent posts on industry news makes this Facebook group popular

It's important for social media marketers to stay on top of industry trends and other related news. Marketing Systems for Entrepreneurs knows that, and its admin frequently posts things related to Facebook API changes, best practices, and more. This keeps users up-to-date and engaged with the industry.

Make sure you're posting industry news to your Facebook group too. This is a huge value add and will spark conversation amongst your group members. You can either post your own take on industry news, or simply post ot a relevant news article if you're in a pinch.

Now, fine tune your Facebook group

As you can see, Marketing Systems for Entrepreneurs does a lot right in order to build an active and engaged community. Take note and apply these tips to your group, and you'll be on your way to Facebook group successes. Have a favorite Facebook group? Tweet it to us.

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