The best growth hacks that work in 2019

Let's face it: hacks are a dying breed. Social networks are now moving towards rewarding high-quality content and visual media more than paid followers and "follow for follow" campaigns. However, all is not lost: there are still a few awesome growth hacks that work in 2019.

And that's where we come in. While your brand should always put high-quality content first and embrace paid marketing, growth hacks still have a place for growing your brand. So in this article, we'll show you 5 growth hacks you can use in 2019.

Let's check them out!

Following likeminded people on social media (all networks)

Let's start with an oldie-but-goodie: following like-minded people on social media. It's simple: start following people in your niche on any social network. When these people see that you've followed them they may return the favor by checking out your content and following you back.

But don't follow people blindly. It's important to find people who's content you actually enjoy reading and interacting with—otherwise you'll look spammy and are not creating meaningful connections.

Automate your Instagram growth with SocialDrift (Instagram)

Social Drift lets you put your Instagram growth on autopilot. After connecting your accounts, Social Drift automatically follows accounts and likes posts that are within your industry or niche. This gets your name in front of new people and helps you gain followers.

But don't worry—Social Drift doesn't like and comment on random images. You can customize the types of content that Social Drift interacts with to ensure you only get followers that are actually interested in your product or service.

Answering questions on Quora and Reddit (Quora and Reddit)

Spend your free time browsing Reddit and Quora? You're in luck: you can turn Reddit and Quora into a sales-boosting growth hack.

The Quora/Reddit hack is simple: find a question related to your industry, write a thoughtful answer, and link back to your company's blog to support facts or expand on insights.  If your answer is the most high quality and in-depth, you'll rise to the top answer or comment spot. This will provide traffic to your site and—in turn—generate more leads and sales.

Just be cautious when posting to Reddit: some subreddits restrict link sharing and will automatically remove unapproved links. 

Use Social Report's Link Frames to brand third-party content (all networks)

It's no secret that creating original content is hard. So, if you need a break from writing blog posts, use Social Report's Content Syndication feature to find content and Link Framing feature to brand it.

Our Content Syndication will listen to an RSS feed for you. You can tell Social Report to search for a specific set of keywords and then—when our system finds a fitting article—it will automatically add it to your posting schedule. Easy as pie.

Even better, Link Frames let you brand the third-party content that you Tweet and share. Essentially, the feature adds a custom banner to the top and bottom of your shares. This banner includes your company's logo and a linked call to action button, so you can capture new leads from all of the content you share—even if you didn't make it.

Recycle old content for more reach (all networks)

Post a lot of blog posts or make infographics? Chances they aren't seen by your whole audience the first time you post them. After all, if you post something at 12pm New York time, it's already 12am in Hong Kong, so some of your audience will have missed the share.

Combat this by using Social Report's Evergreen Content Recycling feature.

When activated, Social Report will automatically repost old blog posts, images, and other social content that you've marked as "evergreen." It works by randomly selecting a post from your evergreen content library and reposting it whenever there's an open slot on your posting schedule.

This increases your content's reach and ensures you're always publishing content. Follow the video guide above to set it up.

Keep on posting!

And there you have it: 5 growth hacks that work in 2019. Use these hacks to grow your business, drive traffic, and source new followers. Have a favorite growth hack? Tell us on Twitter! 

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