The best social media management apps for medical practices

Like discussed in earlier articles, we're firm believers that all businesses need to be on social media. All businesses can benefit from getting their products and services in front of new eyes and monitoring their online reviews, and medical practices are no exception.

In fact, your medical practice can really benefit from having a social media presence. Using the right social networks, medical practices can get their services in front of a local audience that's looking for medical care.

In order to run a proper social media campaign, you need to have an awesome social media management app at your fingertips. But this is easier said than done: there a ton of social media management apps on the market, and not all are created equal.

But don't panic! In this article, we'll show you the best social media management apps for medical practices. We've tested all the major social media management apps, and narrowed our favorites down to a list of 7.

But before we show you the list, let's take a look at what makes a great social media management app for medical practices.

What makes a good social media management tool for medical practices?

Running social media for a medical practice is different than other businesses. There are a few special considerations you need to keep in mind to ensure you're monitoring the right networks and posting to the right audience.

Here's what to look out for:

  • Analytics and reporting. Advanced analytics and reporting features let you track your social media growth and engagement. Some key analytics features to look out for include overall engagement numbers, network and account comparison, and daily activity reports. 
  • Integration with local review sites. Keep up to date with your Google My Business and Yelp reviews from one centralized location. This is great for reputation management and finding ways to improve your services.
  • Bulk scheduling tools. Don't have the time to schedule your tweets and status updates one-by-one? Make sure your social media management app offers time-saving bulk import tools, so you can mass upload statuses from a spreadsheet.
  • Social listening. Your social media management app should have a listening feature. You can use this to keep a constant search going for your practice's related hashtags, keywords, and @mentions.
  • A social inbox. Your social media app should have a great social media inbox where you can view @replies to your brand. Use this to respond to see feedback from your clients, answer questions, and more.

So, now that you know what to look for, let's take a look at the apps in question.

Social Report

Social Report is the best social media tool for medical practices

Yeah, we know, did it: we picked ourselves first. But hear us out for a sec!

We've tested all of the major social media management solutions extensively and found that Social Report excels in the three major pillars of social media management: scheduling, monitoring, and reporting.

On the scheduling side, we offer support for all major social networks—even direct scheduling to Instagram. Gone are the days of loading each social network individually or scrambling to find account passwords. With Social Report, everything's in one place.

Even cooler though, you can use our Content Syndication and Evergreen Content features to automate your social media posting. Want to bulk schedule your content instead? Just make an Excel sheet of your updates and upload them to the dashboard.

Pullingreports in Social Report

Oh, and don't worry: we don't fall short on the reporting side. Social Report can produce reports for all connected social networks, and even some email marketing and web analytics tools like Google Analytics. You can even make presentation-ready PDF reports right within the Social Report dashboard—just use our export tools.

Last but definitely not least, we have two awesome social listening features: the Smart Social Inbox and Search Agents.

Our Social Inbox keeps you on top of your @mentions and other social media engagements, letting you respond to queries and more. Further, Search Agents lets you create an ongoing search for any hashtag or keyword set of your choice, so you can monitor your brand name with ease.

Social Report starts at $50 per month ($25 for nonprofits) and has a 30-day free trial



HootSuite is one of the most well-known social media scheduling apps in the industry. Currently, HootSuite can schedule content to 35 different social networks and web services, and the app has some interesting collaboration and reporting features. For example, you can automatically schedule content from RSS feeds 

But HootSuite still isn't perfect for medical practices. You can't speed up content scheduling, and review sites like Yelp aren't yet supported. Even worse, its menus are hard to use and navigate, so it's difficult to onboard new team members.


Buffer is great for scheduling, but not for analytics

Buffer focuses on simplicity and integrates with most of the popular social networks (but not the more obscure ones or local review sites). Additionally, the app just recently added analytics and reporting features, so it's officially a full-fledged social media management app. 

Unfortunately, though, the application is limited when it comes to features, though. The application only supports the "Big Five" social networks, and its analytics features are fairly high-level and lack fine details. It also doesn't support Google My Business, so you'll have to update your practice's Google listing manually. 


 Loomly is a good social post scheduling tool for 2019

Loomly is a new addition to the social media management game. It has everything you'd expect from a social media scheduling tool (like scheduling, posting, analytics) and some unique features like a content calendar creator, a nifty post idea generator, and fully customizable post previews. 

Like other tools on this list, Loomly lacks support for Google My Business and doesn't have a social search tool. This makes brand monitoring and competitor analysis nearly impossible with Loomly, so we recommend searching elsewhere.



MeetEdgar is a basic social media scheduler with an intuitive scheduler. 

At the time of publishing, MeetEdgar only supports scheduling posts to Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. The app focuses on scheduling automation, and one of our favorite MeetEdgar features of is its self-scheduling content calendar that sorts posts by assigned category. 

Beyond that though, MeetEdgar is pretty limited. It doesn't offer analytics or reporting, lacks support for business review websites, and still lacks support for Instagram and Google My Business. The app doesn't have the ability to create team member accounts either, so everyone on your team will have to share one login. 


EveryPost is a scheduling tool with support for Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ (but no LinkedIn, Instagram, or Google My Business). You can schedule in-house content from the dashboard, or use its mobile app or awesome browser extension for updating your social media on-the-go.

Unfortunately, EveryPost doesn't have analytics or reporting features. This means it's not possible to view how your content's performing or other key metrics. If you need this data, you should look for a more robust management tool.

Social Pilot

Social Pilot has limited capabilities

Social Pilot is a newer contender in the social media scene. Like others on the list, the app has scheduling and reporting capabilities, but they're limited compared to Social Report and others on the list.

For example, Social Pilot doesn't offer direct Instagram scheduling from the dashboard or have support for Google My Business. This means that you'll need to finalize every Instagram post using your smartphone—definitely not fun.

It's also worth noting that Social Pilot's analytics tools only support Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. So even though the tool supports other networks (Like Instagram and Weibo), you can only post to them.

Now, it's time to get marketing!

And there you have it! The best social media management tools for medical practices. Now we want to hear your take: what social media app does your medical practice use? Let us know on Twitter or in our Facebook group.

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