Instagram TV: a three month checkup

Instagram TV is three months old. 

Crazy, right?!

If you don't already know, Instagram TV is the social network's dive into the mobile video space. It's an extension of the company's existing video platform that lets anyone upload vertical videos that are up to an hour in length. 

Even cooler, Instagram TV videos can be viewed one of two ways: through the video section of the Instagram app or via a dedicated Instagram TV app. When you open either app, featured videos automatically start playing, mimicking an old-school TV.

But even with all of these cool new features, many marketers can't help but wonder: is Instagram TV any good for marketing?

And that's a good question. Many brands have yet to adopt the platform as it's largely a first of its kind. After all, creating video for Instagram TV is wildly different than creating video for YouTube, so new considerations have to be made when making marketing content.

However, here at Social Report, we do believe that Instagram TV is an amazing opportunity for marketers as it opens a ton of new opportunities for growth. So in this article, we'll put our money where our mouth is and show you four awesome examples of Instagram TV marketing.

Let's dive in!


Spotify has awesome artist spotlights on Instagram TV

Spotify showcases new and upcoming artists on its Instagram TV account. Each week, the music streaming giant brings on a new artist and shows how he or she makes their music. The videos are well-edited and show interviews, music video clips, and other behind-the-scenes footage.

We're a huge fan of this style of video as new artists get promoted to a huge new audience. Further, it gives Spotify's fans a new piece of content and a new artist to follow on a weekly basis. It really doesn't get any better than that!


Airbnb showcases new destinations on Instagram TV

On a similar note, Airbnb uses Instagram TV to showcase new and upcoming travel destinations on its channel. Each week, its followers are introduced to a new travel destination worldwide. The travel giant showcases attractions, eats, and—of course—awesome Airbnbs in each city it visits.

Like Spotify, we love Airbnb's Instagram TV presence because the company inspires its audience each week with a new travel destination. This inspires Airbnb's followers to travel more, and gives local Airbnb hosts free publicity. 

Revolution Brewing

Revolution Brewing shows how its drinks are made

Revolution Brewing is a Chicago-based microbrewery that's used Instagram TV since day one. The brewery regularly puts out behind-the-scenes footage of its brewing process. In these videos, the company showcases the farms it sources from, staff profiles, and informational lessons on the beer brewing process.

It's interesting to see Revolution Brewing use its Instagram TV channel to share behind-the-scenes and educational content. These types of videos create a content marketing effect on Instagam TV: show interesting and useful content, and you'll see more sales as a result.

We hope to see more companies follow Revolution's lead and produce informational content on Instagram TV. Educational content performs well on YouTube and other video platforms, so it only makes sense for these successes to translate to Instagram TV.

United Nations

United Nations shows important events on Instagram TV

Taking a step back from brands, the United Nations uses Instagram TV to report on current events. For example, during UN Week, the United Nations used the platform to showcase different speakers and special guests attending the summit in New York City. These videos include content about the guests, and give insights into what happens at the annual summit.

The United Nations using Instagram TV proves that the network is becoming a viable source for government agencies to spread awareness on current events. We hope to see other agencies get on board with Instagram TV as it makes first-hand accounts more accessible to all.

How will your brand use Instagram TV?

And there you have it: four awesome examples of branded Instagram TV content. On Twitter, send us links to your favorite Instagram TV content. Who knows, maybe we'll include it in a future Instagram TV roundup!

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