50 million accounts affected in massive Facebook breach

Today, Facebook announced that over 50 million Facebook accounts were affected by a massive security breach.

Facebook stated that the breach may have allowed hackers to access the affected accounts. However, Facebook is still unsure of the extent of the breach or if passwords have been leaked.

According to Facebook, the attackers exploited the "View As" feature that lets Facebook users see what their own profile looks like to other users. They've also noted the vulnerability that allowed the exploit “stemmed from a change we made to our video uploading feature in July 2017.”

As a precaution, Facebook reset login tokens (logged out) for the 50 million users that were directly affected by the breach. In addition, 40 million users that used the View As feature over the past year have been signed out of their accounts.

So if you were logged out of your Facebook account this week, we highly recommend changing your password and enabling two-factor authentication.


Does this breach affect Social Report?

If you're using Social Report to manage your Facebook posts, you may or may not have to reconnect your account to the platform.

There are 2 possible ways the issue may be manifesting in your option

Possibility #1:

Accounts affected by the breach may be required to re-authenticate their accounts with Social Report. Affected accounts will show "Access Problem" under the status column in the Profiles screen.


How to re-authenticate your Facebook account with Social Report


Possibility #2:

Our system may not have flagged the account with the access problem but you already see failed posts like this:




Fix it!

In either of these cases please click on "+" icon located at the top of your screen and simply reconnect your profile.


Other than that, Social Report has not been affected by the breach. No Social Report data was leaked or compromised, and Facebook functionality has not been otherwise limited.

Stay safe out there!

This year hasn't been Facebook's best in regards to security. First, we had the Cambridge Analytica scandal, and now over 50 million Facebook accounts have been compromised. We'll keep you updated as we learn more about the attack.

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