Here's 12 Reasons Why Social Report Is the Fastest-Growing Social Media Management Tool of 2018

Being a social media manager is hard. Not only do you need to create content, edit images, and coordinate scheduling, you need to make sure that all of your posts are actually posted to social media. 

Traditionally, this means manually loading each and every social network and either manually scheduling posts, or using the network's built-in scheduling tools to queue up the post for publishing at a later time.

But there has to be a better solution, right?

Thankfully, there is: social media management apps.

These apps let you schedule posts to all of your social networks at once, and perform other cool tasks like automated evergreen scheduling, post optimization, and more.

Shopping for the perfect social media management tool isn't easy, though.

There are a ton of social media management tools on the market, and each have varying features and quality of service. We here at Social Report know this struggle, and—when building the app—tried our best to remedy issues we had with other options.

For example, we're one of the only social media management apps to offer a dashboard with every single feature a social media manager needs, at a great price, with exceptional 24/7 customer support.

But that's not all. 

Below you'll find 12 reasons why Social Report is the fastest growing (and most loved) social media management tool on the market.

These features are what set us apart from the competition, and what we've found that our customers love the most.

Let's get started!

1.  Easy RSS and evergreen content publishing

 Social Report's posting features speed up your posting process

With Social Report, you don't need to post everything manually.

Content Syndication and Evergreen Content features to speed up your social media posting. With Content Syndication, you can automatically post content from RSS feeds, and Evergreen Content will automatically re-purpose your old content for maximum reach. 

We have a bulk scheduling tool too. Just make an Excel sheet of your status updates and upload them to the dashboard, and our system will handle the rest.

2. A beautiful (and functional) content calendar

Social Report's content calendar is functional and beautiful

All of your scheduled posts can be viewed in Social Report's awesome content calendar. Here, you can view all of your past and future posts, how many times they were viewed, and how many clicks and interactions each received. Additionally, we have color-coded content groups that make viewing previously published posts even easier. 

3. Specialized Facebook and Instagram post options

The small details mean everything to us at Social Report, so that's why we support a ton of different specialized Facebook and Instagram features.

For example, you can tag locations on Facebook and Instagram, add call-to-actions on Facebook, and even use Facebook's Advanced Targeting features—all right from the dashboard.

4. Direct Instagram scheduling

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Many social media management apps let you schedule Instagram posts from their dashboard, but make you finalize the post on their mobile app.

But not Social Report.

Because of our marketing partnership with both Facebook and Instagram, we're able to provide users with direct post scheduling to Instagram (so you can plan and schedule all of your Instagram posts right from our dashboard—no mobile app required).

5. We hook you up with tons of free images and gifs

Free images and GIFs are included with Social Report

In the Social Report post composer, you have access to thousands of royalty-free images and GIFs. When attaching an image, just click the Free Images or Free GIFs button, and you can search for a image that best fits your post. 

All of the images on Social Report are royalty-free and can be used without attribution, so there's no need to buy a stock photo license ever again.

6. A stellar built-in image editor

Speaking of Instagram, you can edit your social media posts right within Social Report.

Whether it’s cropping the image for more suitable Instagram aspect ratio, watermarking the photo, or even creating Memes, our powerful image editor lets you make essential changes right from the dashboard.

Even better? Our image editor means you can ditch the expensive Photoshop license, and not worry about hiring a freelance photo editor. 

7. The price is right

At Social Report, we're proud to offer some of the most competitive pricing on the market while not sacrificing support or great features. But don't take our word for it: here's how we stack up against other social media management tools:

  Social Report Loomly Buffer Sprout Social Agorapulse MeetEdgar Hootsuite
Pricing Model Per brand Per user and connected social accounts Per user and connected social accounts Per user and connected social accounts Per user and connected social accounts Per user and connected social accounts Per user and connected social accounts
Monthly Cost for Small Agency $49 $45 $99 $495 $199 $49 $99
Monthly Cost for Medium Agency $99 $160 $199 $1,490 $580  n/a $499
Monthly Cost for Large Agency $199 $400 $399 $5,975 $1,316 n/a Call (expensive!)
Scheduling Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Analytics Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Multiple Accounts Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Obscure Social Networks Yes No No No No No Yes
Social Listening Yes Yes No Yes Yes No Yes
Social Inbox Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes

8. 24/7, around-the-clock customer support

Need help with Social Report? No worries: we're here for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

At Social Report, you have unlimited access to our support team via phone, email, Skype or social media DMs. We're proud to offer 24/7 live support and training—especially in an industry where other tools cut corners by outsourcing customer support to foreign third-parties.

Here's some of the friendly faces you'll meet!

Social Report Team 

9. The most advanced analytics features on the market

 Social Report has amazing built-in reporting features

Our reporting tools are the most advanced in the market.

You can track various aspects of your social media growth across all of your social networks with Social Report. We offer in-depth reports for all of the social networks we support, including more obscure networks like Yelp and TripAdvisor.

Some of our reports include:

  • Engagement distribution by type
  • Post-by-post performance
  • Organics vs paid reach on Facebook
  • And more!

10. Advanced white-labeling with our Pro plan

With our Pro plan, you can completely customize the look of your Social Report experience. 

In fact, we're one of the only social media management tools to offer a full white-label experience.

You can change logos, use a custom domain, add custom JavaScript and CSS, and even integrate with your company's existing single-sign-on platform.

This makes you look more professional and unique to your clients, and helps Social Report better integrate with your company.

11. You can resell Social Report to your clients, too

Have some extra Social Report projects? You can sell them as you wish.

You heard that right! Social Report Pro plan users can resell their extra projects to clients, friends, family, or anyone else. Mixed with our top-notch white-labeling features above, you can brand Social Report as your own social media management tool—don't worry, we won't tell 😏 

12. A powerful Smart Social Inbox

 Social Report's Smart Social Inbox is second-to-none

Our intuitive Smart Social Inbox feature keeps you up to date with messages and comments on all of your social accounts.

In Social Inbox, you can view all private messages, mentions, new likes, and more. Click on a comment or message and you can quickly view the comment and reply to it without leaving the dashboard—just another way we make your life easier.

How about trying Social Report for yourself?

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