The complete guide to LinkedIn video

LinkedIn video is one of the biggest social media trends going into 2019.

After all, just take a scroll through your LinkedIn feed, and chances are you'll see videos made by your favorite connections and influencers.

The professional social network launched its native video platform in the summer of 2017, giving business influencers and entrepreneurs a new way to share their thoughts and insights. In fact, some influencers have built their career around LinkedIn video.

And you can too. In fact, now's the perfect time to get int the LinkedIn video game.

The space is still relatively new and there's still relatively little competition in the space. So if you have good content, it's easy to grow your audience and build a sizable LinkedIn following.

But wait, don't you need awesome video chops to make LinkedIn videos? 😳

Thankfully, you don't ☺️

LinkedIn favors videos that have high-quality information in a small package, so you don't need to edit in special effects or complex transitions.

Actually, all you need to do brush up on your basic video chops and brainstorm some awesome insights to share with your audience.

To help you make a great first LinkedIn video, we'll run through LinkedIn video best practices in this article. And to inspire you, we've scattered example videos from our favorite LinkedIn influencers throughout the article.

Ideate and write a script

Before we get to shooting, you need to know the message you're trying to deliver to your audience.

Think about this for awhile. Are you trying to promote a new product or consulting service? Maybe you're summarizing your latest blog post or responding to a news article? Regardless, make sure that your message is completely realized before you go any further.

Once that's out of the way, write a script for your video and practice it. This will minimize your "um's" and "ah's", making your video more polished, professional, and easy to watch.

Try and keep your script short-and-sweet. Your audience will only be so engaged with your videos, so do your best to tell your story in a short and concise matter. We recommend that your videos are somewhere between one and two minutes long.

Here's a few video ideas to jumpstart your imagination

There's a couple types of videos that work particularly well for LinkedIn. One of these is vlog style videos. In short, this is when an influencer talks to a camera about a particular topic.

It's by far the most popular video format on LinkedIn—and for a good reason. It's super versatile, so you can do anything from discuss your new products to summarize a blog post. 

To spice things up, you may want to consider running a video interview on your LinkedIn page.

Interview another influencer or popular figure in your space, and have that person share your video once it's done.  This will give you great content and extended reach—pretty genius, right?

Get the right equipment

You don't need a professional video setup to make LinkedIn videos, but you do need to shoot on a high-quality camera (or smartphone) that's mounted on a tripod.

A tripod lets you film yourself without camera shake, making your videos look more high-quality and professional. After all, no one wants motion sickness from watching a shaky business vlog!

In terms of a camera, most modern smartphones or point-and-shoot cameras will do fine. 

Shoot and edit with these tips in mind

Now you have a script together and have the right equipment sourced. Now for the fun part: shooting the video. 

Thankfully, LinkedIn has a pretty open-ended spec sheet when it comes to keep the following video stats in mind. If you're shooting with a cellphone, you shouldn't have any issues fitting these specs. 

LinkedIn video specs

  • Min. video length: 3 seconds
  • Max. video length: 10 minutes
  • Min. file size: 75KB
  • Max. file size: 5 GB
  • Orientation: Horizontal or vertical, but vertical videos are cropped into a square in feed.
  • Aspect ratio: 2.4:1 or 1:2.4
  • Resolution range: 256×144 to 4096×2304

When shooting a LinkedIn video, don't be afraid to do multiple takes to perfect your video. Putting in the extra effort up-front will undoubtedly pay off in the future. 

Further, we also recommend creating some sort of video intro and shooting some b-roll footage. Your intro can be simple, but it's important that you have one in order to brand your videos. On the b-roll side, just take a few city or office shots and use them to break up long clips.

Adding closed captions will increase reach

Consider putting closed captions on your video too. Not everyone can watch your video with audio, so take advantage of LinkedIn's silent autoplay feature.

Closed captions means that your viewers can watch your videos on the train, on a bus, or wherever else they browser social media—just make sure the captions are timed properly. 

Finally, statistics show that the square, 1:1 aspect ratio is best for mobile videos. Edit your videos to a square, and reap the benefits of increased engagement.

Now, publish it with a great caption

Your video is edited, rendered, and ready to go, right?!

Awesome, but we're not done yet.

Before publishing your video, you need to write an amazing caption for it. This gives the video context, and lets you expand on your thoughts.

Some things you can add to your video caption include a video transcript, an accompanying mini blog post, or links to related articles and content. You can even tag other LinkedIn users mentioned, sharing the love of your social reach.

If you're going for a friendly or playful vibe, we also recommend using emojis in your LinkedIn videos. Our friend Goldie Chan does this well in her captions—see her embedded video above!

Like closed captioning, this helps users that cannot listen to your video with audio. It also gives your viewers more info if they're interested in learning more about your topic.

Once you have a good caption in place, your video is ready to publish—woohoo!

That's a wrap

What are your tips for creating better and more engaging LinkedIn videos? Let us know in the comments, and we'll jump in and respond throughout the week.

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