HotelTonight has an awesome holiday social media presence

As the holidays heat up (or cool down, if you're on the East Coast), your brand needs to ready its annual holiday marketing campaign.

But we get it—finding inspiration is tough. So over the next few weeks, we'll look at years past and showcase some of our favorite marketing campaigns.

This week, we're kicking off with HotelTonight's 2016 'Visit, Not Stay' holiday campaign.

We'll show you what we liked about this campaign, and discuss how you can implement similar marketing tactics into your holiday social media marketing campaign.

Ready? Let's check it out!

Awesome use of (relatable) humor


First thing's first: HotelTonight's use of relatable humor or is second-to-none.

'Visit, Not Stay' focused all of its visual media, social media posts, and video ads around humor—and for a good reason.

It does this by taking the not-so-fun parts of going home for the holidays, add a bit of humor, and build in a couple (subtle) sells for hotel rooms using catchy yet humorous slogans.

Check out one of our favorites above. It brings up the pain of sitting through a family charades tournament with a hilarious photo of a stereotypical, older family member. Basically, they're meant to strike relatable holiday situations. 

Humor keeps your ads memorable, too

Since the content is relatable, it's super memorable. After all, a good joke is far more likely to make an impression and make a connection with your audience than a generic sales pitch or call-to-action.

Well designed visual media

The ads are well designed

Not only is the content good, it's well designed too.

The visual media is minimal and uses colors that match HotelTonight's corporate colors.

The background of the ad is a simple teal blue and feature a (hilariously) stereotypical family member with a humorous quote on top. At the bottom of the ad is a simple HotelTonight logo with a purple background.

Looking at the ads, its meaning shines through without second-thought. This is super important for creating social media images as you only have your audience's attention for a few seconds at most.

So as a general rule: when designing for social media, we highly recommend taking HotelTonight's lead using large fonts and catchy colors. This creates a holiday aesthetic of sorts, and makes your campaign recognizable over the course of the season.

Continuity across marketing mediums

HotelTonight keeps the same design across all of its advertising mediums; video, social, physical world, and more.

This keeps the campaign memorable as it travels with you throughout the digital and physical world. And hey, it keeps life easy for your designers, too!

The ads create (and solve) a problem

In each ad, you're introduced to a different awkward holiday family situation. And at the same time, it explains that the best solution is, well, booking a hotel room with HotelTonight instead of crashing with a family member.

Consider doing the same with your holiday marketing campaign. In your ads, clearly state the holiday problem that your product or service solves.

For example, if you run a catering service, run an ad on how buying a pre-cooked ham is better than burning one in the oven. Again.

Bottom line

And there you have it: what you can learn from HotelTonight's 2016 holiday social media marketing campaign. So in the comments, let us know what you like about HotelTonight's campaign. Do you plan on using similar tactics this year?

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