Here's all the way Social Report makes your LinkedIn life easier

LinkedIn is an important part of any company’s marketing plan.

Nowadays, you can use the social network to find new employees, market B2B products, and even create a personal brand through LinkedIn video and blog posts.

But let’s face it: posting content to LinkedIn is a drag.

The website isn’t as intuitive for marketers as it could be. There’s no native way to schedule content or bulk upload posts, so social media managers are stuck posting each post manually.

There has to be a better way, right?

Well, thankfully there is: just use Social Report to manage your LinkedIn.

We recently added a slew of new LinkedIn features to the dashboard, so it’s easier than ever to schedule different types of content and create rich LinkedIn posts.

So in this article, we’ll shamelessly show-off all our awesome LinkedIn features.

We’ll go through each feature one-by-one, giving you an in-depth look at just how much easier your LinkedIn life can be with Social Report.

Ready? Let's dive in!

Schedule LinkedIn posts and tag/mention other LinkedIn users

As you’d expect, you can schedule LinkedIn posts right from the Social Report dashboard.

We support both company pages and personal profiles, so it’s easier than ever for executive assistants to manage their boss’ profiles

Alternatively, you can skip the scheduler all together and use our bulk scheduler to upload hundreds of LinkedIn posts at once.

To do this, just download our bulk scheduling Excel template, fill it out with content, and upload it to our bulk scheduler. Then, the content will be scheduled at once.

It’s really that easy.

We have some new tricks up our sleeve, too

Just last week we added two huge new LinkedIn features to the scheduler: the ability to tag other LinkedIn pages and create LinkedIn specific posts.

Tagging is super easy.

Just press the @ key when writing posts and search for the LinkedIn page you want to tag. Click on it, and the page will be tagged when the post goes live on LinkedIn.

In terms of making a LinkedIn specific post, just click the “Customize for LinkedIn” button at the top of the scheduler.

There, you can create a LinkedIn specific post that has a different body than the rest of your posts. However, the LinkedIn post will be published at the same time as the rest of the networks you're posting to, keeping in-line with your posting schedule.

When used with our other customize buttons, you can customize each of your social media posts for their respective social networks without creating individual posts in the scheduler.

Schedule video posts to your LinkedIn Company page

A few weeks ago, Social Report did the unthinkable: we added LinkedIn video scheduling to the dashboard.

You read that right. You can post LinkedIn videos to your company page right from the Social Report dashboard. Just build your post as usual and upload the video to our media library, and you can schedule it like you would post any other status update.

It’s that easy.

Here's the full Social Report guide on how to create awesome LinkedIn videos.

Access detailed reports and find which LinkedIn content works best

LinkedIn reporting is awesome in Social Report 

At Social Report, we pride ourselves on having the best social media reports in the industry. And trust us: our LinkedIn reports don’t fall short.

You can track all key LinkedIn analytics with Social Report. Some of these include total post reach, your number of followers and connections, and even the types of engagements your posts are getting (and when).

We also offer incredible post-by-post reports, that show impressions, link clicks, shares, and comments. This means no more manually checking each post, or trying to wrangle Google Analytics data to find accurate click data.

Finally, we recently added LinkedIn ad reporting.

Our ads report lets you view which ads are getting the most engagements. Use this to find what works (and what doesn’t work) for your ad dollars.

So trust us, your LinkedIn reporting has never been more intuitive. You’ll thank us later 😉

Perform LinkedIn keyword searches with Search Agents

Search Agents makes LinkedIn keyword tracking easy

Last but not least, Social Report has a great social search feature called Search Agents, which can be used for LinkedIn.

Each Search Agent can run ongoing searches for 10 different hashtags or keywords across LinkedIn and other social networks. You can use this to keep an eye on different terms to find new customers and leads on LinkedIn, create article ideas, and even discover new markets and B2B product needs.

Once you’ve created a Search Agent, we’ll run the search indefinitely on LinkedIn and other social networks. You can view search results, export them to a PDF or Excel sheet, and view other detailed information.

For example, we’ll show you the most influential people using the tags as well as the keywords’ reach and frequency across LinkedIn (as well as all other social networks).

Trust us, it’s a heck of a lot easier than searching LinkedIn manually.

Bottom line

As you can see, Social Report is kinda like a LinkedIn marketer’s best friend. Not only can you use our platform to schedule your posts, but you can get better insights into what content works best for your brand with our detailed reports and search tools.

But now we want to hear from you. Are you Social Report user? If so, what's your favorite LinkedIn feature? Let us know in the comments.

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