Here's how to use Facebook Lead Ads

Facebook and email marketing are two of the best ways to drive new customers and generate new leads for your small business. 

But did you know that they work better together?

Facebook recently introduced Lead Ads. These types of ads let you easily collect email addresses and other information from the people that click on your ads—all without using any kind of third-party landing page.

But there are some best practices you should keep in mind when using Lead Ads for your marketing campaigns. So in this article, we'll run you through these best practices so you can make the most of your Lead Ad experience.

But before we hop into the best practices, we'll give you a quick overview of what Lead Ads are and—more importantly—what they can do.

But first, a Lead Ad primer

Facebook Lead Ads in action

Chances are you've already seen Lead Ads in the wild. They look like standard Facebook ads but have a call-to-action on its bottom right-hand corner.

When you click on these ads, one of two things happens: you're either directed to the advertiser's landing page of a pop-up screen appears, prompting you to share your email and name with the advertiser.

Further, some Lead Ads may make a call to the advertiser or open a page where you can make a reservation or appointment.

In the case of an email lead generation Lead Ad, the call-to-action will read "sign-up".  You can choose different labels for other types of Lead Ads.

Note: for the purposes of this article, we're going to focus on email Lead Ads. 

These ads are super easy to implement—especially when using Facebook's built-in landing pages. However, your ads need to be catchy enough to get the attention of your viewers—and that's where the best practices come in.

Let's check 'em out!

Give your audience a reason to click

Tease your audience with value

Let's be real: no one is going to sign up for your email list or schedule a consultation because your ad told them to.

So with that in mind, you'll need to make a solid ad that entices your audience to enter their info. For example, add an entertaining video to your ad, or discuss what kind of value you can offer.

In your ad, make sure to show the value you'll give your audience in exchange for their email address. You can do this by discussing the contents of your email or giving a sneak-peak of the insights you'll share.

In other words: tease your audience with great content, and they'll become leads.

Keep it simple

Keep your ad copy simple, and add visuals when you can

Going off our earlier point, keep your ads simple.

Remember, people are looking at your ads when scrolling through their Facebook feeds on their phone. Oftentimes, this is when people don't have time to give your ads a deep read.

Keep text to a minimum, and add text and video when possible. This will make your ads easier to read, giving them a better chance of converting.

This goes for more than just Lead Ads. It's always in your best interest to keep your ads simple and easy-to-read on the fly.

Properly target your ads

This one is simple—make sure your Lead Ads are properly targeted.

If you run an email blast about travel deals from New York City, you'll want to target your ads to people that enjoy travel and live in the New York metro area. Otherwise, your ad dollars will go to waste.

Facebook has a ton of different targeting options that you can use for free. Take advantage of these and you'll get a better return on your ads and ensure that none of your money is going to waste.

Use the built-in form

Facebook Instant Forms make a better experience
Image via Facebook

Like discussed earlier, you can use your own landing page or use one of Facebook's provided forms for collecting email leads. We highly recommend using Facebook's included form.

Why is this?

Simple: it's super easy to use and has some awesome features.

The included form (dubbed Instant Forms) is optimized for all devices that run the Facebook mobile app, as well as the website. Even cooler, it will automatically fill in the lead's name and email address, so all they need to do is press the submit button.

This will make the experience easier for your audience, and in turn, give you more leads.

Integrate your CRM or email marketing app

When using Facebook's built-in form, make sure to integrate your existing CRM or email marketing software.

This will automate your lead generation process, so you don't have to manually copy all of your new leads from Facebook to your CRM. Further, this ensures that your new leads will start getting your email blasts right away.

Thankfully, integrating your CRM with Facebook ads isn't hard. Just follow Facebook's helpful guide and you'll be ready to go in no time.

Bottom line

And there you have it: Facebook Lead Ads best practices. So now we want to hear from you:  

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