These tips will help you save a ton of time as a social media manager


We all want more of it, but no subscription service or website sells it (free business idea, anyone?).

But as the saying goes: the best things in life are free... right?

Well in the case of saving time as a social media manager, they truly are. And we'll prove it to you in this article.

Yup, you read that right. We'll take a quick look at eight quick-and-easy things you can do to save time as a social media manager. We even threw in something you shouldn't do at the end of the piece.

Use these tactics to get your posts scheduled and tasks completed quickly, and you'll have more time to look at cat memes and drink coffee... and maybe even get home in time for dinner, too 😉

Sound good with you? Awesome—let's dive in.

Make a content calendar every Friday

Don't take your content day-by-day. Instead, come up with a weekly content calendar every Friday before you log off for the weekend.

You don't necessarily need to write all of your content, but you should at least get Monday to Tuesday out of the way, and develop a schedule of when you're going to post and an idea of what you want to post.

This is super easy with Social Report. Create a posting schedule and add all of your new posts to the queue. When you do this, your new posts are automatically added to the next open time slot in your calendar.

Doing this ensures that your posts go out on-time and without any manual scheduling on your part—just another way that we make your life easier.

Likewise, make a paper to-do list daily

Make a paper to-do list every single day

Drop the Reminders app and grab a notebook. Writing a paper to-do list every day may actually make you more productive (and save you time).

OK, this one is pretty basic, but it's helped our Digital Marketing Manager a ton.

Moving from a smartphone or iPad to-do list to a paper to-do list reduces distraction, and there's something oh-so-satisfying about checking off a paper to-do list versus clicking a "done" button.

But this tip isn't for everyone. There are obvious merits to a digital to-do list (like cloud backups and cross-platform sync), but you'll never know which is best for you until you try.

Stop distractions and use a website blocker

On the topic of distractions, it's really easy to get sidetracked when working as a social media manager.

After all, the nature of your job is creating content that others will find interesting, and it's easy to go down the path of mindless web browsing when you're constantly on the web looking for interesting things to share.

So on that note, invest in a nice website blocking app for your computer.

Use this to block distracting websites, unnecessary social networks, and other things that you find yourself drawn to during the day. Many of these apps can't be disabled on-demand, so you'll be forced to do your work instead of playing Angry Birds.

Some of our favorite website blocking apps include Focused for Mac and FocusMe for PC.

Recycle evergreen content

Evergreen content is an easy way to speed up your posting

In 2019, focus your efforts on creating content that has a long shelf life. Think infographics, long-form blog posts (like this!), and white papers.

But why do this?

Simple: you can repost it!

When you make an infographic, for example, you can reshare it with your audience as many times as you'd like. This gives you the most bang for your buck and makes it easier than ever to share high-quality content on a whim.

You can save even more time using Social Report's built-in Evergreen Content feature. This feature will automatically re-post things that you mark as evergreen when there's a gap in your posting schedule.

Trust us, this will save you a ton of time.

Ditch Photoshop, use a light-weight tool

Use a light-weight image editor instead of Photoshop

Edit and create a lot of images for your social channels? Consider ditching Photoshop and Illustrator for Canva or another light-weight image creation.

These apps will speed up your workflow as they let you create original social media content from templates. Their interfaces are largely drag-and-drop too, so you can make a social media banner in minutes.

Need help finding a basic image creation app? Use one of these 4 apps!

But even cooler? Social Report has an awesome built-in image editor. You can use this for making basic image edits like crops, filters, and basic aesthetic change. This can save you hours each week if you're used to more heavyweight apps.

Use apps like Buzzsumo to find content ideas

Use Buzzsumo to find new things to post about

Need help finding awesome content to post? Use a Content Curation app like Buzzsumo to speed to find new topics and cool content that you can share or build off of.

Using the app is simple. Just search for a topic, and you'll get a list of popular articles related to your search keyword. You'll even get a total number of shares on popular social networks, backlinks, and an "evergreen score."

Once you've found some interesting ideas, you can either share the existing article or write your own take. It's really that easy to find new content ideas.

Automate your reporting

Automate your reporting with Social Report

Have a weekly meeting with your boss or client? Use Social Report to automate your reporting.

Using our Export tool, you can make recurring reports that run at a certain time every week or month. You can even have it automatically email new reports directly to your client or upload to a shared Google Drive or Dropbox folder!

Want to learn more? Check out our full article on exporting reports.

Save your hashtag templates

Keep all of your hashtags in one place with Social Report

Find yourself writing out the same exact hashtags on every Instagram post? Stop wasting time and make a Word or Google Doc full of them. Then, just paste them into every Instagram post you need to use them on.

Oh yeah, It's a heck of a lot easier than manually typing them in.

But of course, Social Report has an even easier way than a Word doc: the hashtag library.

As the name suggests, inside the hashtag library you can create hashtag combinations that you use frequently. It's located right within the composer too, so you can access them with a click.

Here's how to do it:

  • Click on the hashtag button at the right-hand side of the composer.
  • Click combinations at the center of the pop-up.
  • Click the new button at the top of the screen
  • And that's it!

Now that you've saved a combination, you can add it to your post by clicking on the combination of your choice from the hashtag library menu in the composer.

Watch out for too much automation

Like we warned you in yesterday's articletread very lightly when automating social media tasks.

Why are we telling you this in an article on saving time? Hear us out.

Automation may seem like an amazing way to speed up your social media. After all, what's better than using a robot to send your Tweets and Instagram messages?

And for the most part, you're right. Automatically reposting Evergreen content, posting from an RSS feed, and other forms of automation can save you time when used correctly.

But other times, it can be an absolute time sink. For example, automating DMs and support requests can backfire hard.

All it takes it one embarrassing auto-reply to go out (think sending a "thank you!" auto-reply to a disgruntled customer) and not only have you ruined your reputation with that user, but you also need to apologize and make things right.

So yeah, automation has the potential to be the the opposite of a time-saver, so tread lightly when you automate tasks.

Bottom line

And there you have it: how to save tons of time on your social media management. Put these tips in action, and you may find yourself with a nice chunk of free time at the end of every (ok, most) workday.

But enough from us—now we want to hear from you. What's your best time-saving tip for social media marketers? Let us know in a comment, we can't wait to hear from you!

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