Instagram Grid Layouts 2019

By now, there's a good chance you've discovered that we here at Social Report are huge fans of helping our users create and maintain an awesome Instagram grid.

Last week, we took a detailed look at why it's important to have a solid Instagram grid these days, and just a few days ago, we actually introduced a game-changing Instagram Grid Preview feature that allows Social Report users to preview new Instagram posts in the context of your grid (before they are ever posted to your profile).

Today, we're back with another grid-related piece that we hope will serve as inspiration for all of you looking to get your own grid started this year: seven mesmerizing Instagram grid layouts for 2019.

In this article, we'll run you through some truly awesome Instagram grid layouts and highlight the value these unique layouts can add to your own social media profile.

Each of these layouts follow the criteria for a good Instagram grid that we our beginner's guide to creating an awesome Instagram grid for your brand. Here's a look:

  • Photos need to be high-quality: no one wants to see pixelated images on an Instagram grid, so make sure your photos are crisp and clean.
  • You must use a similar theme: this is simple, you want to keep your photos consistent. Choose if you want your grid to be minimal, grungy, colorful, or any other aesthetic you can think of.
  • Use the same filters: use the same filter on every post. This makes your posts recognizable and consistent and starts a theme on its own.
  • Use a set color scheme: decide on a color scheme you'll use for all of your posts. As you can see above, we chose blue because its our primary brand color, so we stick to posting blue photos to keep the grid looking good.
  • Keep the backgrounds clean: don't take away from the subject of your photo—stick to solid backgrounds when posting product shots.
  • Photos use the same borders (or don't use them at all): this makes for a streamlined look on your grid that makes your profile feel highly polished and professional.
  • There's a set grid layout: alternate filters, types of content, or even colors on a regular basis. This makes your grid look good, creates a nice "flow" between posts, and keeps things consistent.

Use these accounts and grid layouts as inspiration to make make your Instagram grid more aesthetically-pleasing and improve your brand aesthetic in the new year.

Without further ado, let's get started!

Clean backgrounds that keep your audience focused — @artcustoms164

 Keep your photo backgrounds plain to keep eyes on your product

Model car customizer @artcustoms164 has built a quite a nice following on Instagram, topping 11.3k followers at the start of this year.

Its Instagram account is full of photos of his cars on plane white, black, or gray backgrounds. This puts the model car front-and-center, so you see all the little details he's painted onto his model cars.

If you're posting product shots, we highly recommend keeping your backgrounds clean and consistent so that the good(s) or product(s) you're looking to sell can sit front and center, and get the attention they deserve from your audience.

Color matching is an effortless grid layout — @socialreport

Keeping your colors standard makes for an easy layout

Yup, we threw ourselves in the mix—but only because we really, really needed an awesome color-matching grid to have on the list.

The Social Report grid focuses on various shades of natural blues you'd expect to find when traveling the world. We do this because blue is our primary brand color, so posting the color builds our brand aesthetic, and a strong percentage of our users are digital nomads—scheduling their social media to make time for living/traveling.

You gotta admit, it looks pretty clean!

So, consider sticking to the same color on your Instagram account. This is one of the most simple Instagram layouts to maintain because there is little editing or filter use required, and it gives you a framework for each photo you share.

Make your grid tell a story — @the_oa

The puzzle approach works for huge announcements

The OA is a Netflix video series that premiered in 2017. While the show was in-production, it took a unique approach to the Instagram grid: each photo was a piece of a grid puzzle.

These photos make no sense individually, but when viewed on the grid, they make up a much larger photo that can tell a larger story. In the case of The OA, it showed bits of the upcoming episode.

This creates a beautiful grid that is sure to draw your new followers into your account, especially when they first scroll through your grid.

This layout should only be used sparingly, though. It only works if you have a huge campaign coming up that you want to dedicate your entire feed to, and overusing it may annoy your followers.

Sticking with one filter — @diografic

Use the same filter for all of your posts to make brand aesthetic

@diografic is a New York City based photographer and influencer with a 100,000+ following on Instagram. His account is full of photos of diverse photos of New York City, but each have one thing in common: they use the same filter.

This makes a brand aesthetic for @diografic—his photos are easy to recognize with his signature filter and his grid looks very professional as a result.

So if you're an influencer looking for a signature style, stick with one set filter. This layout is super easy to maintain and creates a beautiful grid as a result.

Create a time warp with filters — @forrestmankins

Retro filters make for a beautiful grid

We're also huge fans of photographer @forrestmankin's feed.

Like @diografic, he uses a similar filter on each of his Instagram photos. However, Mankins uses an awesome retro filter that makes his grid look like it was pulled out of a time warp.

We've found that it works well for clothing brands, outdoors companies, and other accounts that cater to the younger crowd. It's aesthetically pleasing and memorable since it strikes a nostalgic tone.

Thick borders make for a clean look — @azimh.11


@azimh.11 is an up-and-coming photographer with a strong border game. Each of their posts uses a thick white border, creating a beautiful grid that flows well when scrolling through each of their Instagram photos.

Thick white borders make for a super clean look on any Instagram feed. It spaces out your photos,  and makes the content within them truly pop.

Further, we've found that using thick borders makes your grid look—for lack of a better term—well put together. This will reflect well on your products and services, giving potential leads a good first impression of your company.

Alternating filters that feature photos — @lady.austin

Alternating filters is a unique look 

@lady.austin's grid is another awesome example of borders done right, but she takes a different approach. @lady.austin alternates borders on each of her posts, making for a super unique look. See the photo above for a look.

Aside from looking clean, she uses this to highlight certain photos. Since the photos on the sides of the feed are smaller than the ones in the center, the center photo is given more visibility on the grid and truly pops as a result. 

Bottom line

There you have it: seven mesmerizing Instagram grid layouts for 2019. In the comments, let us know your favorite grid—we'd love to find a few more to help Social Report users draw inspiration! Bonus points if you link it :)

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