These are the best social media blogs of 2019

One of the best ways to learn social media marketing is reading industry blogs.

After all, it's a free way to learn insights and new skills from people on the front lines of the social media marketing world.

Chances are you probably have a few favorite blogs already (you're reading one of them now 😉), there's always room for more content in your RSS reader.

So in this edition of the Social Report Insights blog, we're here to show you 10 must-read social media marketing blogs for 2019. These blogs will teach you new skills and give you different looks at the social media world from the comfort of your smartphone or laptop.

We've selected a broad range of social media marketing blogs in this piece. Some are how-to focused and others share, so you'll have a well-rounded look at the social media blog space.

Let's dive in and check them out!

1. Social Report Insights — our in-house blog

Hey, this is the blog you're reading this one right now!

The Social Report Insights blog is our in-house blog. We post daily, giving you a fresh mix of how-to's, insights, and the occasional bit of social media news. 

We started the Insights blog as a way to share our social media marketing knowledge. After all, we're a social media company so we have to constantly keep up to date with hot new trends and breaking social news—so why not share it with you?

Must reads from Social Report:

2. Convince & Convert — outstanding guides for marketers

Convince & Convert is a general marketing blog with a heavy emphasis on social media marketing. The blog covers a lot of social media topics that you don't hear about elsewhere, like how to cover a social media crisis or discussing how brands are using paid social wrong.

Check the Convince & Convert blog frequently. There's a ton of good content there that you won't find covered elsewhere!

Must reads from Convince & Convert:

3. Social Media Examiner — how-to's for days

Social Media Examiner is one of the most popular social media marketing blogs on the 'net, and it's easy to see why. Every day, they post new and interesting social media guides, covering the very basics to more advanced insights.

All of the posts on Social Media Examiner are written by their network of influencers (including our own Digital Marketing Manager!). These people do social media for a living, so you're getting awesome insights straight from the source.

Must reads from Social Media Examiner:

4. Jon Loomer — excellent Facebook tips and tricks

Jon Loomer is a Facebook expert. On his blog, he posts all things Facebook, from tips on ads to organic reach hacks. So for all you Facebook junkies out there, this blog is right up your alley. 

Just note that his guides are pretty advanced and are not for those looking for high-level Facebook tips. Expect to dive deep into different aspects of the platform and learn how to seriously fuel your Facebook growth.

Must reads from Jon Loomer:

5. Duct Tape Marketing — small business social media strategies

Duct Tape Marketing is a blog for all things marketing. While social is one of the site's main focuses, don't be surprised to see new and interesting insights on content marketing, SEO, and other bits and pieces of marketing goodness.

We recommend social media marketers read Duct Tape Marketing to expand their marketing horizons. After all, it's good to have a solid understanding of what other people in the marketing scene are working on.

Must reads from Duct Tape Marketing:

6. Socially Sorted — the marketer's guide to visual media

Socially Sorted has long been one of our favorite social media marketing blogs. It's run by Donna Mortiz—one of our top marketers of 2019—and covers visual media for social media marketers.

On Donna's blog, you'll find ways to maximize your visual content, new ideas for Stories, and even guides on how to create original content. Even better, many of her guides focus on Pinterest and Instagram, so you can brush up on these up-and-coming networks.

Must reads from Socially Sorted: 

7. Social Media Today — keep up on social media news

Social Media Today is a must read blog for anyone that works in social media. You'll find two types of content on their site: daily news pieces and insights from their network of influencers. We're huge fans of their news content as it's posted timely so you can keep up with social news as it's happening.

They post a few times a day, so check Social Media Today often to stay on top of the social media marketing world. Trust us, your clients and stakeholders will appreciate the new insights you bring to the table.

Must reads from Social Media Today:

8. Peg Fitzpatrick — social smarts for entrepreneurs

Peg Fitzpatrick is a social media blogger that teaches entrepreneurs how to market on social media. Most of her content is aimed at social media marketing beginners, so it's a great read if you're just starting out in the space—especially if you're a bootstrapped solopreneur.

Must reads from Peg Fitzpatrick: 

9. SBZ — awesome Instagram marketing tips

Sue B. Zimmerman's blog—SBZ—is a knowledge-base of all things Instagram. Sue and her staff constantly churn out awesome insights on the image sharing platform, including articles on how to sell products on Instagram and methods of improving engagement numbers.

Must reads from SBZ:

10. Rebekah Radice — in-depth social guides

Rebekah Radice is an entrepreneur, marketer, and social media blogger. Her personal blog is filled with awesome social media tips and listicles that can teach even the most experienced marketers some new tricks.

Topics range from ways to increase engagement to techniques on how to keep your sanity when running social media. We dig the mix, so check out her blog for insights!

Must reads from Rebekah Radice:

Bottom line

In this article, we showed you 10 must-read social media marketing blogs for 2019. In the comments, let us know your favorite social media marketing blogs—don't worry, there's no shame in self-promoting 😉

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