Here's 11 awesome ways to increase Instagram engagement.

Instagram is one of the most important social networks to be active on in 2019.

But if you're just starting out on the network, it might seem impossible to foster Instagram engagement. After all, how do you get engagements when you don't have an audience or anyone paying attention to your Instagram posts?

But don't worry: we were all new to the Instagram marketing game at one point. So in this article, we'll show you 11 awesome ways to increase your Instagram engagement in 2019.

These tips are meant to be easy and actionable, so you can implement them today and see results relatively quickly. So without further do, let's dive in!

Add Interactive Stickers to your Instagram Stories

Stickers make your Instagram stories more engaging

Stories are all the rage on Instagram, and you need to use them if you want to increase your Instagram engagement.

One of our favorite ways to increase Instagram story engagement is by using Instagram's huge library of interactive story stickers.

These stickers include the famous Q&A sticker, opinion sliders, and two-option voting sticker. Using these stickers let your audience very easily engage with your Instagram stories—after all, giving your opinion only takes a few seconds.

Just make sure you're not using the same interactive sticker in each of your Instagram posts. Instead, mix it up and keep things interesting and engaging.

Looking for more ways to increase your Instagram stories engagement? Read these best practices.

Use related hashtags to optimize your Instagram posts

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You can 30 hashtags in your Instagram captions and another 30 in the first comment of your post.

Use this to your advantage and add relevant hashtags to your post. For example, if you're posting about social media management services, use #digitalmarketing, #socialmedia, and more.

Use high-traffic Instagram hashtags for more engagement

But whatever your niche, just make sure that your hashtags are truly relevant and are used frequently.

You can see how many people have used a hashtag by simply searching for it in the search menu. Instagram will also give you a list of related hashtags making your hunt for hashtags super easy.

Doing this will make your Instagram posts show up in more search queries and ultimately expand your post's reach—so trust us when we say that the power of Instagram hashtags cannot be understated.

Schedule your Instagram posts at optimal times with Social Report

Increase Instagram engagement by posting at the right time

Using Social Report to manage your Instagram? If so, you're in luck, because we'll help you automagically schedule Instagram posts to the best possible time for maximum engagement.

Just click the Optimal Time tab in step 2/5 of the scheduler and we'll show you the best time of day to post your new Instagram post for the next 10 days.

We do this by looking at your past posts and finding when they're engaged with the most. We average those times and output the best time for you to post new Instagram content.

This feature takes all the guesswork out of when to post to your social media. You'll be posting to data-backed sweet spots that ensure high engagement with your audience.

Write longer captions that tell a story

Make sure that each-and-every one of your Instagram posts has a solid caption.

We recommend making your captions meaningful to your audience. Tell a story in each of your posts—for example, share a customer experience, tell the history of a product, or discuss new happenings at your company.

Doing this will get people to read your caption instead of just scrolling past your new Instagram post in their newsfeed.

Add call-to-actions to each of your Instagram posts

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Speaking of captions, make sure to end each with a call-to-action (CTA).

This will give your Instagram followers a reason to interact with your posts and share their own opinions.

These CTAs can be as simple as asking your audience's opinion on a topic or telling them to tag a friend that might be interested in a product.

So take the few seconds to add a CTA to the end of every post. This can lead to free engagement and more comments on each-and-every one of your Instagram posts.

Add location tags to every post

Increase Instagram engagement with location tags

Did you know that Instagram posts with location tags get a whopping 79% more engagements than those that don't?

Pretty crazy, right?

While it might sound crazy on paper, the reasoning behind this is simple: when you add a location to your Instagram post, it's searchable in the location's Instagram page.

With this in mind, we recommend using broad location tags in these posts. So instead of tagging your office's address in the Financial District, use the "Financial District, Manhattan" location tag instead.

This will get your Instagram post in front of everyone that searches for the Financial District tag on Instagram, opening you up to millions of potential new eyes.

Reply to comments on your Instagram posts

Respond to as many comments as you can on your Instagram posts.

This will show your Instagram audience that you're engaged and actually listening to what they have to say.

In turn, this will make your audience members want to interact more with your posts as they know there's a good chance you'll respond.

Do the same with direct messages too.

Respond to customer inquiries in a timely matter, and you'll put a good face to your brand and leave an overall good impression.


Make sure your Instagram grid is #onpoint

A good Instagram grid will increase your Instagram following and engagement

Having a beautiful Instagram grid is vital to the success of your Instagram account.

After all, our Instagram grid is the face of your brand; it's the first thing people see when they load your Instagram page on their phone before they decide to follow you.

So make sure your grid looks great. And if you need some inspiration, check out our roundup of the best Instagram layouts.

Engage with similar accounts in your niche

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Get your content in front of new eyes by following and engaging with other Instagram accounts in your niche.

The other account's followers will see you're actively commenting on posts, and may be inclined to  follow you for similar insights.

Likewise, the account you're engaging with will see that you've followed them and may be kind enough to give you a follow back.

Additionally, pay attention to what your competitor's Instagram accounts are posting when making these interactions. See what works well for them and try posting similar content to your own audience.

Share new posts to your story

Instagram recently released a feature that lets you share new Instagram posts to your story. Use this to announce new posts to your audience and get even more reach on your posts.

When sharing, make sure to add some persuasive copy to your story shares, use interactive stickers (see #1), and make other story optimization tweaks we've outlined here.

Here's how to share Instagram posts to your story:

Click the share button underneath your Instagram post
  1. Go to the image you want to share to your story and click the share button.

    Click the add to story button
  2. Click Add post to your story from the pop-up window

    Send your post to your Instagram story
  3. Drag the new post around your story, add stickers, text, and more.

And that's all there is to it! Do this with all of your new Instagram posts and you should see a nice spike of engagement whenever you upload a new photo or video to your Instagram feed.

Monitor your engagements with Social Report

Increase Instagram engagement by paying attention to your Instagram engagement stats in Social Report

Now for the important part: you need to keep an eye on your Instagram engagement stats.

Doing this will let you see what's working and what's not working on your Instagram account. 

Instagram engagement stats give you the data you need to back up implementing new engagement techniques and can help you better curate your content.

Social Report has built-in Instagram reporting.

You can use our tool to track your engagement, find better times to post, and compare posts and how well they're performing. And with our cross-channel reports, you can even compare Instagram performance to other social networks.

Sounds pretty great, right?

You can also use Social Report to direct schedule both photo and video posts to your feed. This will make your life easier and ensure that your Instagram posts are always being published at the time for maximum engagement.

Bottom line

And there you have it: 11 awesome ways to increase your Instagram engagement in 2019! In the comments below, let us know how you increase Instagram engagement. We'd love to hear your tips, tricks, and Instagram engagement secrets. Don't worry—we won't tell 😉

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