This is how TwelveSouth built an amazing social media presence

TwelveSouth is one of the premier designers and manufacturers of Apple accessories.

For years, the brand has made beautifully designed products that graze the desks of the world's best designers, marketers, and CEOs.

But just as beautiful as TwelveSouth's products is its social media presence.

The design-forward accessory company posts beautiful product shots to all of its social media channels, and makes awesome, lighthearted posts to accompany them.

Some of these posts include press shoutouts, informative third-party articles, and other content that enriches its audience and builds engagement, and all of these things make TwelveSouth's social media presence something brands should strive to be.

So in this article, we'll show you what TwelveSouth does well to both promote its products and build a social media presence that's beautiful, appealing to its target audience, and—of course— engaging.

Use these tips to strengthen your brand's social media presence. If you do it right, you too could land an impressive social following of 26,000 Instagram followers, 16,000 Facebook likes, and 6,000 Twitter followers.

Sound good? Let's get started.


TwelveSouth invests in beautiful social media imagery

Like discussed earlier, TwelveSouth shares beautiful images of its products on social media.

These images are specially curated towards TwelveSouth's target audience—the tech-forward, creative type.

With that in mind, nearly all of its social media imagery shows high-tech, eye candy workspaces with modern Macs, beautiful wood desks, and—of course—TwelveSouth's most recent accessories.

Further, when showing off its on-the-go accessories, the brand shows its products in airports and in other awesome travel scenes. This hits the digital nomad market it caters to (and makes our Digital Marketing Manager want to buy literally all of TwelveSouth's products 😉).

Why post visual media?

If you've been reading our blog for some time, you know we're HUGE proponents of using visual media on social media.

Why? Simple: using images and video in your posts is proven to increase engagement.

For example, we've noted in previous articles that Tweets with images get a whopping 150% more engagements than those without.

But don't post just any image. Instead, take a page from TwelveSouth's book and use imagery that's curated towards your target audience. After all, chances are an automotive blog isn't going to win anyone over with pictures of laptops and coffee cups.

The brand posts a mix of in-house and third-party content

TwelveSouth runs an in-house blog with some amazing content. The brand has long published great gift guides, product stories, and first impressions of the latest Apple gear.

As you'd expect, the brand shares these insights on its own social media, but not exclusively.

It also shares a healthy amount of third-party content about Apple, technology, social media, and other topics its target audience might find interesting too.

This content informs its audience and shows that the brand actually cares about keeping its audience informed and entertained with recent happenings in their respective industries.

Doing this builds a great brand image. And despite not driving profits directly to TwelveSouth's bottom line, third-party content is vital to the success of TwelveSouth's Twitter and Facebook presences.

Plus, let's be real: at its core, TwelveSouth is an accessory company, not a publication. Its team only has the time to write so much content, and the gaps need to be filled in order to sustain a solid social media presence.

TwelveSouth isn't afraid to show off its successes—and that's a good thing

Like discussed in our Facebook bio guide, you can't be modest on branded social media.

Instead, you need to show off your brand's successes in order to show the world that your products and services provide real value.

TwelveSouth is a great example of this. The brand frequently posts the design awards it wins, its mentions on popular Apple blogs, and user submitted photos of their sleek, TwelveSouth-powered workstations.

These posts give a first-hand look at the thoughts and opinions of people that actually use TwelveSouth's products, proving that the products are as good as the marketing copy says they are.

Further, user-submitted workspace photos show TwelveSouth's leads how to implement the brand's products into their existing workflow, bringing leads closer to customers.

So with that in mind, share your brand's wins on a regular basis and keep your audience updated on the latest happenings at your company.

Your customers will love it and new leads will be further enticed to try your products and services.

Gets #relatable with pop-culture and Hallmark holidays

TwelveSouth is known for its social media lightheartedness. So when it's not posting about its products or the Apple ecosystem, the brand posts about pop-culture, Hallmark holidays, and other things that make its audience smile.

Our favorite Hallmark holiday post was for #NationalPuppyDay. The office opened up to employee dogs, and of course boatloads of cuteness ensued on the brand's social channels. Just take a look at the embedded post above 😍

View this post on Instagram

We’re excited to announce our newest laptop case, BookBook Bento! #BookBook Bento gives you the ability to pack your MacBook and lunch into one handsome leather case! Link in bio!

A post shared by Twelve South (@twelvesouth) on

Further, TwelveSouth runs hilarious April Fools Day campaigns every year.

This year, the brand introduced the BookBook Bento for MacBook. This fake product went viral on social media because of its wit and originality, getting TwelveSouth's name out in the process.

Why post about pop culture and Hallmark holidays?

Simply put, using a bit of humor and informality in your brand's social feeds make your brand seem more approachable and in-tune with the real-world. So instead being another faceless brand, your brand comes across as a friend.

Further, these types of posts foster engagement. After all, who wouldn't like a post about National Donut Day? Certainly not the Social Report team 🍩

Likewise, its brand voice isn't too serious

On a similar note, TwelveSouth's general tone isn't too informal.

The brand isn't afraid to use emoji, throw in some slang, and use informal language when talking with its customers.

This furthers the brand's friendly voice and—like celebrating Hallmark holidays—makes the brand seem more approachable.

TwelveSouth is great about responding to customer comments too.

No matter if it's a complaint, compliment, or something totally off-topic, its social media team responds in a friendly, informal, and authentic manner.

Why use an informal voice on social media?

Like noted in our Millennial Marketing Guide, millennials want their favorite brands to be authentic when posting to social media.

In fact, studies show that 62% of millennials want brands to be authentic and interact with them.

By and large, this means posting like a friend instead of a marketing team. So, use an informal tone when posting to social and respond to incoming comments, @replies, and DMs in a similar manner.

Obviously, this won't work for all brands. For example, legal firms may want to stay away from too much informality—after all, legal clients expect their lawyers to be professional. But for the majority of businesses, a limited amount of informality goes a long way with social audiences.

Bottom line

As you can see, TwelveSouth is an example of what branded social media should be.

The brand posts beautiful and informative content that both enriches its audience's knowledge and makes them lust over beautifully designed hardware. This has helped TwelveSouth amass a huge social following and make a solid base of loyal customers.

Have a favorite branded social media account? Let us know in the comments—we're excited to hear from you.

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