Bicycle Coffee Company has an incredible Instagram presence

Coffee and bikes go together like peanut butter and jelly. Coffee fuels the ride, and companies in both spaces have a long-standing, shared focus on sustainability and advocacy for greener forms of transit.

So naturally, Bicycle Coffee Co. in Oakland, California has found a way to fuse both good coffee and bicycles into one with its brand Bicycle Coffee Company. The brand roasts all of its coffee in Oakland, and delivers it by bike to coffee shops and stores around the Bay Area.

Bicycle Coffee Co. has used this age-old synergy to market its products for years. Its Instagram presence has focused on bicycle rights, coffee, and sustainability for years. This has helped the company amass a huge Instagram following of over 11,000 people.

We'll be showcasing everything Bicycle Coffee Co has done right on Instagram to build this following. Take cues from this article, and use it to build your own Instagram presence for a coffee shop, bike brand, or anything in-between.

Let's dive in!

Bicycle Coffee Co. Only Uses Instagram—And That’s A Good Thing

While we usually advocate for diversifying your brand's social media presence, Bicycle Coffee Co. is a good example of doing really well on just one social network. And as you've probably already seen, Bicycle Coffee Co.'s social network of choice is Instagram.

There are two main reasons why the company is killing it with just one social network: 1) the brand knows where its audience hangs out and 2) it promotes amazing content on its Instagram feed.

In terms of knowing its audience, fans of coffee shops and cafes almost almost exclusively look to Instagram for recommendations. This is even more true when you consider the addition of Instagram local pages, where people can view crowdsourced photos from the cafe.

And just think about it: when's the last time you looked for a new cafe on Twitter or Facebook?

We'll cover the quality of Bicycle Coffee Co.'s Instagram content in the next section—so, let's move on.

All Visual Media is Super Fresh And High Quality

Bicycle Coffee Co keeps all of the content on its Instagram feed fresh and high-quality, while still keeping a low-key and "home-made" vibe. It does this by using classic photography rules—like the rule of thirds and proper lighting—to its advantage, making even cell phone cameras look great.

Plus, it constantly switches up the types of content is posts. For example, there's a mixture of bike activism, new product announcements, event posters, and lust-worthy coffee photos posted at regular intervals.

This is awesome because it keeps Bicycle Coffee Co's feed fresh and interesting. The feed is never dull, keeping its audience engaged and kept up-to-date with what's going on at the company. Plus, the product shots entice and engage new customers that may be visiting a Bicycle Coffee Co location for the first time.

The Captions Give Just The Right Amount of Info

But it's not all about the visuals—captions are important too.

Each of the photos that Bicycle Coffee Co posts to Instagram are accompanied by a informational caption. These captions provide context around the photos posted, making it easy for the brand's audience to learn about what's going on at the company or learn about how. to buy its coffee.

Further, the brand uses a good mixture of hashtags on each of its photos. This opens the photos up to a larger audience that may be searching for coffee or bike products in the Bay Area. We recommend doing the same for your photos—just ensure that all of the hashtags are well thought out.

Bicycle Coffee Co. Puts A Good Cause First on Social

Finally, Bicycle Coffee Co wears its heart on its digital marketing sleeve by routinely promoting community events surrounding cycling, local coffee, and women's rights. These posts show off the brand's core values, and encourages its local audience to get involved.

We're huge fans of this. Not only are good causes getting the publicity they need, but they also help the brand build clout and respect in its community. This is because—not only is the brand known for bikes and coffee—but also for being community advocates.

We highly recommend doing the same. Pick a few causes your brand cares about, and post about them occasionally. It'll spread the good word and increase your reach and brand respect at the same time.

Bottom line

In this article we showed you everything Bicycle Coffee Co does right to build and hold such a huge Instagram following. Take cues from what they do right, and you'll undoubtedly walk away with a better (and larger) Instagram following.

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