We've been huge proponents of Twitter this year. It's no secret that the network is making a comeback, so it's more important than ever for brands to take a new look at the network and—if the fit is there—start investing more time and resources into it. 

While we've mostly focused on growing organic reach in past articles, this time around, we want to take the conversation a further and focus on Twitter paid reach.

Twitter paid ads are getting more attractive for brands. Despite the network becoming more profitable over the years, Twitter has actually made its ads cheaper for brands. This makes it easier for brands to reach a significantly larger group of people, without breaking the bank. 

This should make brands with a limited ad budget excited. And if you're looking to jumpstart your Twitter ads, we've got you covered. In this article, we're going to show you 4 awesome examples of Twitter ads done right.

We've pulled these ads straight from the feed, and chosen them based on engagement level and creativity. So without further ado, let's check them out!

Funny videos work wonders — @QuickBooks


We all know that Twitter marketing and humor go together like bread and butter, and it's no different for Twitter ads. While many brands do a good job of Twitter, you might be surprised to know that QuickBooks is one of the best.

QuickBooks has long embraced humor in its marketing campaigns—heck, its TV commercials feature Danny DeVito showing off its self-employment tax apps.

On Twitter though, QuickBooks promotes its killer referral program by showing a fake text conversation between employees. These funny texts aren't necessarily laugh-out-loud hilarious, but do enough to put a smirk on its audience face during their morning subway commute.

We recommend doing the same with your Twitter ads. Make a subtly funny video, and your ad will be clicked and remember for days to come. Because of this, you'll see more traffic and an increase in conversions for as long as you run the ad. 

The Sarah McLachlan effect — @ChoiceHotels 

Choice Hotels Twitter ad 

Advertisers have been tugging on heartstrings for a long time—who doesn't still tear up a little thinking about the SPCA commercial featuring Sarah McLachlan's song, Angel?  In the era of social media advertising, Choice Hotel's "It's time to get together," campaign is an example of this done right. 

Each of its ads are super simple. It shows two friends embracing with the caption "It's time to get together" in the tweet. This reminds its audience that they need to get out there and see old friends, family members, and other important people in their life.

This type of marketing works especially well for travel companies. Essentially, these companies remind their audience about old friends they haven't seen in ages, encouraging them to book a trip to go and visit them.

Drool-worthy visuals — @Wendys 

Wendys Twitter ad

Visuals are an increasingly important part of both organic and paid social media reach. And while it may be hard for software companies to excel at this, food companies—especially in the fast food space—have it easy.

After all, who doesn't find themselves drooling over a picture of some freshly cut fries!?

The folks at Wendy's know this, and have taken a visual-first approach to their social media ads. Each of their video ads has a static image of its drool-worthy burgers and fries, with a changing color background.

The goal is to entice people to click with flashing colors and delicious food, and it works. Because of this, Wendy's doesn't need to make more in-depth video content, Twitter users will click because their senses take over—especially at lunch time. 

Pay homage to your hometown — @PolandSpringWtr

Poland Spring Twitter ad

Marketing water may seem like a tough job, but Poland Spring has done a pretty great job of it.

Each of its Twitter ads include video overviews of its spring water bottles. These videos include information on how the water's bottled, what's in each bottle, and puts a strong emphasis on the company's home state of Maine.

We're big fans of how each of these ads pay homage to the brand's hometown. This is sure to excite those based in the Northeast (especially Maine), pulling on heartstrings and giving history that may be otherwise unknown to the average consumer.

Plus, each of these ads link to a landing page on Poland Spring's website, letting customers find out more info and order cases of water bottles without having to run to the grocery store.

If you decide to delve into Twitter ads—and let's be real, you should—make sure your ads link to a landing page. This drives easy traffic, and makes it even easier for your audience to take action on your ads.

Bottom line

In this article we showed you 4 of the top Twitter ads of 2019. Pull inspiration from these sample ads, and you'll create better and more engaging Twitter ads for your brand. Remember, the key is to grab attention and inspire action. 

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