Manage your social media as a team

Delegate work and give others access to your projects. Add unlimited team members to your projects and set customized access levels. Convenient sorting by brand, location or however you wish to separate profiles. Manage your clients' credentials securely - there is no need for your employees to have them any longer! Allow your customers to access the reports!

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Give user specific permissions

Each user in your project may have different levels of access. Some users may be helping you manage your social media - respond to comments and questions, talk to followers, etc. Other users may be responsible for strategic publications. You may also allow customers to access your dashboard - perhaps only to access reports.

Publication Workflow

Publication workflow, ability to assign certain team members ability to approve publications designed by others. This feature is a must have in a multi user environment where responsibilities for editorial approval are a must.

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Publication Workflow
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Team Member Performance Reporting

Find out how each of your team members is performing. How many comments they responded to, how many publications they have scheduled, how many reports have they run, etc.

Allow your clients to access your dashboard

Your clients can have access to reporting dashboard. You may restrict the type of access they can have. While this may very well be well suited for a very hands on customer, the feature is immensely useful in a collaborative environment. Your client may be wishing to share their photos that they want to use for publication, or perhaps even helping connecting their accounts to the dashboard.